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Everything begins with our team understanding what's important to you. 

With over 20+ years in sales, we've mastered marketing, messaging, and negotiating multiple offers.

this allows you to maximize profitability, maintain peace of mind, and not miss out on what's important in your life and business!

we'll keep you informed and answer all of your questions during the journey. 
95% of our clients book a 15 minute consultation call to meet the team and learn our customized approach to making your dream a reality. Click to find time that works for your schedule!
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Remember our team is waiting to hear from you. Whenever you're ready you can schedule a call and we'll pick up from where you left off.

Video Marketing

Every buyer must go throught this process unless they are paying cash for the property. Your pre-approval will save you time and will allow your shopping to be focused on your budget. There's always a home you'll love within the budget you've set. Step 2: Picking an agent is critical to finding your dream home.

Market Based Pricing Strategy

An agent is the professional who will guide you through the process. They are knowledgeable and picking the right one will save you time and money. Most people don't purchase a home every year, so it's vitally important to have someone who knows the ins and outs of the process and who has a fiduciary duty to consider your best interest at all times.

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With your preapproval and agent, you're now ready to begin seeing the homes of your dreams. Many start by looking at homes on the internet, and narrowing thier selection to the one's they want to see in person. Everyone is different so shop based on how you like to purchase.

Negotiation Mastery

After you've selected the home of your dreams, it's time to gather your documents and head to the closing table. Don't forget that down payment check. You're almost there and soon you'll be throwing a backyard party to celebrate your great accomplishment of buying your dream home.
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